What's the use of moving, If you
Are not in the right direction?

Our focus is to always deliver the right strategy that places you in the direction to success.
Focus on strategy = Accelerated time to market
We have just one gear. Move.
It is said that strategy is also about discovering what not to do. Our experience bores down on this quickly, and you get the advantage of speed. This means that we don't learn at your time; we just deliver at your pace.
Our Strategic intent is simple: there are 360 degrees, so why stick to 60 or 120?
Multiple marketing partners. No, you don't need them ― ever!
Rely on us. We can be that one-stop marketing partner for all your strategic marketing and communication needs. TV, Print, DM, Digital, Content, Engagement ― we do it all.
Take a deep dive into our 3600 offerings.

Stratforward can fast forward you to customers and prospects through a scientific marketing process that is number driven and result oriented. That's precisely why our service portfolio encompasses the entire marketing spectrum. Take a look...

Marketing intelligence
Our research is thorough and data driven. The insights we gather, combined with competitive tracking, define a better 'way forward' or our clients.
Strategy and planning
We assess. We assimilate. We implement. We seize opportunities for our clients and we hold ourselves accountable for their success in the marketplace.
We win friends for our clients. We also influence the right audiences on their behalf. We always ask ourselves, "is our communication persuasive, powerful, incisive and, most importantly, truthful?
Project management
Every project comes with its complexities, so our solutions are customized. Operating in tandem with our clients, we implement processes and systems while keeping a tight watch on budgets on timelines. Result: no unwelcome surprises.
Database management
Critical business functions need sound database management. We follow a vigorous validation and profiling exercise. Our custom designed processes ensure that data makes a difference to businesses.
The names that the senior team at stratforward has been involved with, earlier
Nandan, who heads strategy and creative, has been with agencies like McCann, Everest and Rediffussion. Brands handled include Apple, Microsoft, Cabletron, Nestle, Gillette, Parker, Perfetti, Reckitts, Star TV, Louis Feraud, Usha Ispat, Godfrey Phillips, Citibank and Airtel, to name a few. Jennyfer Rajan was heading Marcom at IBM before she set up Stratforward. Prior to IBM, she has worked across agencies like Contract, McCann and Ogilvy, and with names like Intel and Polaris.
A few names that makes us proud
We don't just do the usual ad agency work here. We do what traditional agencies don't do.
We are above one of The coolest places in town
Above an Ice cream Parlour:
Stratforward Marketing Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
No. 32, 2nd floor, Coles Road,
Frazer Town, Bangalore ― 560 005
During the usual working hours (9:30 am to 6 pm), you
may call our front office on +91-80-22170500
After office hours, you can give us a tinkle
on +91 97390 49076 or mail [email protected]

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